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“You are not what conspiracy? Is not Who sent you?”
“wow, you are not looking to see more suspense novel way? also who sent me, sent me to the Buddha, you tube with Well …… Do you know this man? He is my best friend . ”
“You do not come from Misawa Yuk do? how would recognize him?”
“It seems you do not know.”
“Well, I’ve seen, is Josephine assigned band.”
“Ya-Fu?” I asked strong micro
“is …… is ……” She hesitated, haltingly
“is a bastard, I know it.” I said
strong micro not happy, and I could see her eyes. I should not mention this one.
“He seems to be Josephine Fu apprentice. Josephine Fu taught him to play the guitar, the other I do not know.”
“Oh, that this picture can give me?”
“Oh, he’s your boyfriend?” She smiled contemptuously.
“No, my friend …… Why did you laugh ah, he bad you?”
“and Josephine endowed with what is good ah, you stay away from him. photographs you take it, but do not let me see, let me see, I’ll just burned.”
“Oh.” She said the words so fierce when they are so calm, most of the time her this exquisite three-dimensional faces are no facial expressions, facial wasting so handsome, like camouflage, as seems to be meticulously painted , the total fear bad beauty, never took other feelings, always cold one face.

“32″ to the body Foreclosed 2 of Article IX

This week I became downright housewife, I really do not cook, but strong micro teach me. Basically this week’s meal was her own doing, and sometimes I can not learn to do many times she had to repeat this meal, well obviously been very good since she said no appetite to eat do not eat. Then, why did teach me to do it? A strange woman.
occasional night out to buy things, and once back to buy things, I feel there is always a man behind, and my heart excited and nervous and afraid, although no final thing, but my heart is still cautious fast enough. Back to tell strong micro, did not think this woman actually told me to follow her to learn taekwondo. And Xiangmoxiangyang from her box to find two sets of Tae Kwon Do, say every eight to ten o’clock at night are practicing this time. I did not want to learn, but she said if I did not learn will stay for one week, this week I was under her domination. Well, I do not prostitute entertainer from her, but she seems really very powerful. I totally can not imagine what this girl backing. See her lively vigor I did not mind that she needs someone to take care, in turn, said that she was in fact one week to take care of me, because I’m nothing will.
no matter when I go to her room by her all those books on the shelves, full of classical, that the “Zi” is actually a wire-bound and vertical, all of which I have read. Q. strong micro, when she was able to back out. And speaking clearly and logically. I asked her how much she let me guess, I guess 18 years old, she said is 16 years old, originally only sixteen years old. Only two years older than me. Only two years older than me than I can how much more will it? I feel like I come before “talented” title is completely fool people, but fortunately she did not come up and show off, or became her constant mockery, became a charlatan.
fact, one week off soon, this week I have been around her in turn, she is around me in turn. Although this woman is very strange, and sometimes can not see through and not the human, but she is actually very good for me, for example, the day I came back and said if encountered satyr, her eyes seem to have that moment of sudden from green rub chair and stood up for a long time do not feel this is the taste of care. I did not know I was gone she will not miss. But I did go. I started leaving for my irresponsible ashamed. I’m homesick, like Liu Hao thought Adams who want quiet, I have yet to figure out exactly how things presume static thing is I’m sorry, I was too reckless way, be sure to go through a few things before will instantly understand.
one week before the arrival of the night, I made a table of strong micro eat, but she did not even look, say something during the day until ten at night before I came back. I see her back again to go back to the food hot again, she still does not eat hot well. I knocked on her door, she said
“I sleep, and tomorrow we’ll talk.”
“But tomorrow, I will not, and we had agreed expired.” Having my own way, I feel anxious when the words, she felt like a contract lover. Although I have not noticed anything out of her homosexual tendencies, she told me not ambiguous, and now I suspect that she is not gay, the man is her ex-boyfriend. She must have told the man that she changed her like a man, and only kissed me, in fact, she is a very pure woman.
“Oh, before you leave tomorrow to clean your room.”
“Oh, you know it.”
I thought I was going, she will sad, at least before I go, and I ate a good meal, do not expect she’ll cry for me, at least always some dismay, right? In her dying during that time, I was the only person around her, like floating in the sea only a straw, she does not grasp nor touch, let yourself fall …… Perhaps, she has grown used to Such a life, she can even dive into the water free, unlike me, always immersed in favor in the counterfeit princess. I still have to go back. I want to tell Liu Hao, and I miss him, and, these days I dream about him every day, I am convinced that this is love, I’m sure, I love him, I’m sure, I wanted to go with him forever, not sometimes faint head camphor decision, not because he loved me, just because I love him. This reason enough to fully do?
strong micro, she should not need me now, then refused to let me go, just afraid he has not recovered completely, and now she has been well preserved, and she has so much money not afraid to find people to take care of her. I am so mediocre one, for her what counted it? No reason at the moment of sadness and nostalgia is but I am a person separate memorial only, meaningless.
Well, then, I took a few days ago already bought a train ticket on the bag, carefully clean good house, a serious look at the walls and window sills, afraid to forget this experience, forgetting themselves in a dying woman spent around this month’s bizarre day, remember to take care of yourself is how another person’s time to forget their pain. Look up at the time, had little. Lying in bed, drop a tear drops on my pillow, groggy sleep.

“33″ thirtieth chapter only to the permanent injury a

three o’clock when I woke up trance, house has Xixisuosuo strong micro hear the cry hear. In fact, he is no sleep and the sound is not – is not strong micro head touched? I thought of this, immediately went to the strong micro door, listen carefully, she really was crying, I knocked on the door.
“strong micro, how is it? What is the matter?” room no voice, nor crying.
“strong micro, strong micro? strong micro?” not what happened, right? Gosh, this is not a pain to faint, right! I’m straining to open the door, found the door was locked, and then I gave him a kick forced open the door or not, I side kick barefoot and shout “strong micro, strong micro do not be faint, and I find people to carry you at midnight! “kick the can not, I back three steps, like a horse Liao Juezai like sit ready position, with the greatest effort rushed past -
I put strong micro flew on the bed, almost did not kiss her on the mouth. This distance and posture, really too ambiguous.
“Why are you ah! most of the night and kick and kick, and you have any ideas for me ah?” strong Wei said.
“Alas, I have an idea for you, obviously you first kissed me right! you installed the night crying loaded fainted lure me, What are you doing!”
strong micro do not speak. I see her eyes really swollen estimated is really crying. My hands leaning on the bed, then head sideways look carefully at her eyes, determined, really crying.
“What did you see?” strong micro unhappy, opened the door and motioned for me to stand up and go back.
“Then you late at night crying about it?” I asked. “What Ya Fu that what men bully you anyway? Gnaw his name from a kind of? Installed also like a scholar like?”
“wow hum ……” Strong Micro suddenly cried, grinning, screw eyes, burst into tears. I was shocked that this woman was not mentally ill, right? Oops OMG, psychotic murder does not break the law ……
are afraid of it, she suddenly hugged me, I feel, gone, she was a homosexual, into a den of thieves.
but she just hugged me. While holding the crying, I thought she was going to say, but she did not say anything, just crying, just sobbing, grabbed my hand and seems to be tightly clasped my bones. I learned that strong micro, this cold woman actually need warmth, her hands icy cold, feeling her shrill cry made me feel like a Geshi, I do not remember his or her own, I could feel her heart There is a very huge hole, all the joys and sorrows of her all into this bottomless hole, plug something more, empty can no longer heal. I use both hands to hold her, leaning on her shoulder, and she hugged me, still crying crying, I carefully looked at the table, already four o’clock, and she was crying. How much sorrow, but to the extent of such liberties? How many desolate, let a man put himself frozen Dongche so, what is the past, so willing to make a person a person’s bleak lives. I hugged her, like holding a puzzle, on the freezer Millennium puzzling mystery.
eyes, is a strong micro luggage. Obviously I have to go, how her luggage also lay it? But, mystery.
I want to leave, although this place makes me feel no sense of dependence, so I feel cold and fear, so I feel cold and distance, but in front of this woman made me so no less than give. She was two years older than I am big, but her heart seems to hang on the cliff edge, one to take his own life, and a man loved to open a joke will definitely lose a woman, a woman crying in the middle of the night, an unconventional Full House Full Song notes was filled with a strange woman, a let me take care of her but every day taught me taekwondo woman, a face without expression, but never in the middle of the night unable to sleep three tears into poetry woman. I do not love the stranger, but I did not fit her.

“34″ XXXI only to the permanent injury 2

do not know when I fell asleep, probably she was crying too long I accidentally fell asleep. Opened my eyes, I was still lying on strong micro house, I was really too much, people cry so sad, how do I do still asleep? Look at the table, already eleven o’clock, the train is definitely short of it – oh, by the way, yesterday I decided not to go, stay with strong differentiable. But she go of it?
sat up and saw the bed a letter, I have a foreboding – Table feet yesterday I saw her luggage was gone. But the house is no less what things actually.
Expand letter, but did not finish, wet eyes blurred all the attention, raised his head fell back tears. Strong micro gone, than I go first.
“Xiaoxiao, thank you to accompany me these days, thank you for taking care of me, thank you in my life was in danger when there is no leave me. thank you very much. thank you very much.
I will not be expressed, really, you are very important to me.
I am better than you go ahead and give you bought a ticket for tomorrow, estimated today you will oversleep. Yes, I was hurt that day, he hit me in the …… before I had been standing by the window, to see you back, see you standing in front of the dress lingered for a long time, in fact, the money I’m giving you, I did not think you would give it to me intact. Invoice no less, your account is indeed wrong, you put your own money mixed in there gave me. You really are confused.
I put that dress on your box, if the size is wrong, these days you can enchant, invoices also inside, holding the invoice herd.
of the house is also the key in that dress, you can see. I have replaced the lock, do not worry about Josephine Fu again. If you do not worry, you can back to one, I think I will come back soon.
I do not know where I’m going. However, there are too many bad memories, you go, it’s completely dead. I’m going to a place to be born, start over. May soon come back, it may never come back.
Xiaoxiao, you have to learn to protect themselves, how dangerous this society, you do not know. I’m sorry I lied to you that you owe me money, but I was too lonely. Really, lonely too long, has not express, nor cherish.
drawer and three thousand dollars, leaving you. Drawer without lock. To be installed, do not let others know your body with a lot of money, this is common sense, to remember. Go back go to school, go back and my mom and dad, go back to good friends together. Do not pitted out of trouble. You do not know, people can have something that is actually so small.
kissed you, I’m sorry. And you have no explanation. I think you’ve been guessed I was gay or heterosexual, but I am sorry to ask such question, is not it? Oh, your eyes never lie, the future will suffer. The answer is, I do not know. If you want to know, you can see for yourself. My diary in the drawer, it is my most precious thing, but I will now, all the memories are emptied out, so they still give you. Save for me. Diary next to a CD, which is Li Siya band recorded CD, there are your little boyfriend, I told him do not understand. Do not believe him, if you can, keep him away from Li Siya, that person is very dangerous.
future, do not then I believe strangers, not all people will like me for you.
gone. Take care. ”
This time, for me to do, in a city of bright sunny midday sun, crying into darkness shrill cry badly cut.

“35″ Chapter 32 only to the permanent injury 2

I carefully put strong micro skirt I bought Grab, want the case that day, that day I nearly used the money to buy this strong micro skirt, that day I almost took her money to sneak away, that day I nearly did not go upstairs, if this happens, then the strong micro to me, just a stranger just people, and I will die a few years later I heard her, and say to yourself , do not worry she came to the door, or she died alone at home, I would never know from. And she will not be sad, she died in the hands of their favorite man, but because she never had the money just nostalgic, leaving her escape is nothing but a stranger passing acquaintance, nothing good nostalgia or sad. She used the cold alone, accustomed to different city solitary journey, accustomed to indifference.
she walked, and then re-start habits of a person’s life, she said, I go, where he died, she was going to find students.
So why leave me alone in the dead of the room, over the last night. Strong micro me to accompany her to go before there is crying one night, while the strong micro gone after me, but secretly inside a person sleepy crazy crazy resentment, laments the loneliness and sadness of life. I was only fourteen years old, why not let my flat light like a normal junior high school students as simply grow up, have to cast my eyes, walking on the cliff between the single-plank bridge, that is not visible be afraid, in fact, invisible, but it is the most fear.
heart of the city, who cares who’s life and death. If a person dies strong micro here, how long will be found.
the bustling city into what kind of injury is more fierce independence, I thought myself seriously ineffable, but she will never leisurely love their lives to the man to end. So they do not compromise, love to such, they do not compromise.
my swollen eyes half-amused, in a strong point of view goes micro desktop PC CD-ROM, the same two people inside strong micro as a whole, all three of them alone together, play slapstick, as if born Even together. If it were not personally meet, I can not imagine how, once so intimate three individuals, would meet knives and guns.
brilliant smile picture in Sri Lanka where I have not seen before.
screen on the stage in Sri Lanka where fame, I have not seen before.
This is where I have not seen Adams.
turned out a lot of things I have never understood.
original, always accompany me, I actually have not seen.
not seen her heart, but has always been one to protect it. But I think that is deeply

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Should be similar. Somewhat taken aback.
“Hao brother ……” Liu Hao suddenly get up squatting on the floor laughing. I am also here to laugh. Never seen him look silly.
“Hao brother, Nazan today to find it?”
Liu Hao sat laughing directly on the ground. I also laugh a stomach ache.
“rub” Liang isolated city seems to suddenly react. “I’m fucking stupid.” Beam isolated city back, followed by a dozen people waiting over there. He lit a cigarette toward the direction of those who walk past.
one of them asked, “Liang brother today, where to find ah?”
“pop” Liang isolate them hit him, “You stupid b ah, did not see the sister-in-law back to the Well. both go back. a will and his mother went to the Dean’s Office.” those people dispersed. Liang isolate them go to our side, and he laughed. Rarely see him smile.
immediately go over. He stopped, turned and shouted, “are all back, all back!” That’s a dozen people are back. ‘Say nothing, forget ah? “Liang isolated city finish starts to smoke. “Princess is good!” Uniform of a dozen people. I felt my face was red like a tomato. Liang isolate them waved them all back to class up. One asked, “Well, today is not to find it?” Liang isolated city heard the smoke did not hold out on the ground. They turned and ran away.
beam isolated city, “said sister-in-law you can come back, you know we went this month, how many places do? you do not come back I almost was enough punishment expelled.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said, finish felt very stiff, and do not know how he worded better.
“by the class teacher came.” Liang Liu Hao schematically isolated city pushed right back to classes, Liu Hao suddenly react, hauled me down the stairs.
“I’m not back to class too!” I told Liu Hao said. Liu Hao still took my stride downstairs.
went to the third floor and saw Siqi and static, three people are upstairs and saw me, and suddenly rushing. Three individuals to Liu Hao squeeze hugged me, I felt like a triple sandwich crackers. “Come back do not come to us, we ran to the door to look for you, listen to her second child said he saw you come back, we thought he was mistaken, but actually you really come back!” Si said. Static hold me, hold the most tight. She said, “Xiaoxiao, you are not still angry with me then?” I saw her haggard face, as if lost a lot, and disheveled hair tie, and suddenly tears fell,
“quiet, not your personality, ah, did not dress up this morning to go out in public, I blame you what, it’s not coming back!”
Jing cried, we both could not say words.
Qi said, the first class to go snatch again, pulling me to go upstairs.
Liu Hao shouted: “Xiaoxiao.” I stopped, Liu Hao came up and said, “You guys ah, tonight Xiaoxiao be yours daytime unto me; either a change is also OK!” They are three personal and very understanding of the took my hand loosened. Liu Hao too proud smile, pulled me down the stairs.
I turn around at them shouting: “At night ah! old place set ah!” doing a password for our gang gestures, and Liu Hao together downstairs.
life is like two, two worlds, two time track, a dream, a wake, how would suddenly happy to dreaming in general do? I really doubt that he is not dreaming, but Liu Hao pulled my hand so tight, and even pull a little sore.

“48″ Chapter 45 romantic reunion 3

like that time, Liu Hao took me through the crowd with people’s playground, took me by the hand through the open space downstairs, took me by the hand through the gate. This time I did not mind struggling, I just immersed in this feeling fluttering Huhu, I always think in a dream, too good things are always true, love is always too sweet unspeakable.
Liu Hao took me away, I saw on the side with tape wrapped around a tree like a zombie ad – I grabbed before he went to the tree – is not advertising, is a missing person, no wonder everyone thought What I’m Zheng Xiaoxiao transfer, which does not give me advertising thing. There are so write search notices do?
“search notices:
Zheng Xiaoxiao, fourteen year old, good looking, especially thin, especially good-looking, lovely quiet personality, if people saw Zheng Xiaoxiao, please immediately call Tel: 134 674 628. There must be re-thank! ”
“Liu Hao, who wrote this is ah? certainly three children now, Zeneng stupid ah! good looking What kind described ah, fourteen years old this year, as do the inspection report, the Special thin, how can I Special thin? still within the normal range it, lovely quiet personality, how people saw me she knew I quiet lovely? quiet no problem, I never would and strangers lovely way. well, ah, ah this phone number who? True senior, has a mobile phone! you do not talk about them, so stupid it out on the tracing board ah! God …… ”
Liu Hao did not speak. I look back at him, he looked at me intently, like before, when an English class together like, but more than that time serious.
“Zheng Xiaoxiao classmates, the missing person is your husband what I wrote!”
“ah …… actually …… writing is also good, creative, descriptive and vivid, carefully worded ……” I have not finished could not help but laugh speechless. Liu Hao gas speechless, really fun, have not seen him this expression, I could not help to think out his hand to pinch his face.
“Why, look kiss ah!” I was shocked, laughed again, he grabbed me not to laugh, but I laugh a stomach ache, he said, “Well, you asked for it.” I look back, filled with people, horrible, turned and ran, he then followed the chase, the summer wind wrapped in sterile Tokorozawa happiness does not dark gray sky to and fro, we went for him says his favorite spicy string of shops, placed a plate of chili, I was forced to eat while his tears, he said it was Liu Hao wife should qualities. I went to school with him and left behind it a crossroads between three old audio shop, with a headset to hear him say his favorite rock band, and then we go with my bike I often go outside the old town house novelty shop, there are more shining black “soap”, there can be used to pretend to vomit blood red bag with magic matchbox, and a cupboard full of drifting diary. This store is my favorite place to come, the owner who is not good at business, or not to run, she said she was a commemoration of his past. This shop secluded secret place few people come, the store is always uncoordinated Buddhist music, but then I always go there to know that she has some emotional entanglements, his beloved man monk. This story is what I imagined to. Many cupboard thick diary, are often those who like quiet people to write, going to buy some strange things, what Tibetan bracelet, what tribe evil flowers, I look inside to Liu Hao diary, there are even things I wrote a year ago: “and the Qi angry, and I never want to manage them.” “home to raise goldfish died, I felt very painful.” …… “I met a man, nervous to meet him speechless and I hope to see him every day. ”
“What is it time to write ah?” Liu Hao asked.
“Guess.” I said
“Oh, is that you first like me so ah. then you later want to come to our classes every day looking for me, I will not go up in your class.” Liu Hao said stern.
“ah?! what ah! that you first like me!”
Liu Hao vertical finger in the mouth, motioned me to keep it down. I suddenly realized that the decibel indeed too big. Suddenly felt all oozed sweat. Immediately pursing lips bowed his head. Liu Hao bent willow eyes and said, “Yes I would like you, so you return to me tomorrow to give you a label, has been ordered,” he looked at me old hand written on the box “has been ordered.” Very natural to say. I looked back at him, he haggard eyes, as if to say, you dare pouting face so many people I would dare to kiss you, have it your way. Well, I admire you Liu Hao.

“49″ show a mysterious Chapter 46

evening Liu Gang Hao sent me to our secret place every rally – quiet downstairs a free fitness course. We arrived, but found no one.
Liu Hao said, “you every time fitting in here, ah?”
I said, “Well.”
Liu Hao: “You do not remember?”
I said: “orgy go, you can go places every six years to forget it.”
Liu Hao: “That may perhaps, woman in love becomes a very low IQ.”
I said: “The man in love is very easy to be a woman’s …… I do not really flat amnesia, right?” Look at the hands of the table, we generally six o’clock it all here, but today has six o’clock half or no one.
Liu Hao: “They are trying to estimate the evening also left me.”
I stare Liu Hao.
fitness field where I sat on the swing circle around the swing, seeing the sun went down a little bit, surrounded by vegetation seems to have put on a sinister smile ghost in Ghostly looking at me.
“Is not they are still angry with me, so I do not come.” I sit on the swing, the more the higher Akira, watching suddenly away suddenly near Hao Liu. He took out a cigarette, leaning against an iron pillar, look chilling, thoughtfully. He resumed his usual way, when the distant past, unpredictable, sometimes Canruo bright summer sun, sometimes quiet as transparent autumn river.
suddenly away suddenly near, and there are a bunch of light …… I look carefully, well, a bunch of faint light, a row of flickering, it was late, the surrounding vegetation can hear the sound of conversation cable noted, I trace of breath feeling back …… This is drilled into the chest to haunted you?
Liu Hao mouth smoke also shining light, and those who light echoes, he did not rise, like possessed, or in the curse, has been head down, do not look at me. I call him
“Liu Hao, Liu Hao!”
he looked up, “Well?”
“ghosts!” want to swing my feet touching the ground immediately stopped, fearing suddenly been fooled himself went to the underworld. Then jumped down from the swing toward Liu Hao.
“did you see? I pointed out, there have wildfire! a row!!” I said excitedly.
“Do I look like ghosts?” Liu Hao said.
“Oh I can not tell you trouble, you quickly see!” Liu Hao looked back, turn around and say, nothing ah!
“bright light! that if you sit in the swing to be able to see it high!”
“Are you kidding me, I do not swing that stuff, all ye of little girl would only play for.”
“Ah Ah Ah ……” He is completely wrong thing, and he thought I was crap, July wind blows suddenly feel cold and disadvantages, and I grabbed Liu Hao’s hand.
“Oh …… you just want to take advantage of me just want to put a ghost to scare me, right?” Liu Hao eyes laughed bent willow, I do not intend he believed me, sweat a Cen Cen seep out.
hug him pulling me into her arms tightly surrounded by hand, hiding in his arms, faint sense of unease slowly disappear, even if it is the underworld hell. His hand suddenly loose, and I look up to him – his eyes looked blankly straight in front, do not speak – I shoved turned his head and saw a pale face, blood red eyes!
“ah!” I’m scared to push Liu Hao-ran. Liu Hao pulled me back, I turned around and look closely – it is Qi with a mask! This mask can be nice to do, it can help people scared to death alive, as if still luminous, this girl ran uncertain how many strange pottery shop to get such a horrible thing!
see me scared tears fell, Qi scored all over his face mask laughing mouth, she ran beside me turn over facing a wall. Said “Do not look back ah!”
I said: “You should be doing ah! I can not do good conscience, Qi child of God you diverted it bigger?”

“50″ Chapter 47 mystery party 2

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, I wish you ……” birthday singing up, I turned around and saw Sisi came in holding a candle, and there are a lot of people, almost all of us have come to class, each holding a candle, circle came after me, do not know who wants this idea, I still feel like I was possessed with a devil’s to be on fire for poor girls, but watching them singing look, tears and very unconsciously ran out. Liu Hao behind hugged me and kissed me in the face.
finally came was quiet, holding a super large cake, came in and said: “birthday princess, you have to cut the cake!”
“candles do not? Also, I am not a birthday today ah!”
“candles had so much that you were not enough ah, and quickly cut the cake I have starved frustrating!” Qi?
“But today, I’m just birthday ah!” I’m puzzled asked.
“You are not acquired through Well, we give string, and today more than okay, you come back took a surprise Well, I’ll give you today is the auspicious checked, today we give you over!”
“how forced it feels like ……” I said.
“Well, yes, today is also directly to your wedding to do.” Qi?, leaning next to Liu Hao Fitness Equipment hear almost did not stand up sit tight places.
“Do not!” I’m scared. Look Jiandajiadu standing here, I feel like to hold a ceremony like what mysterious minority.
“called so many people, there is no place to sit, ah, go to my family also sit high ah!” I see standing there holding a candle stand Jiandajiadu around next to me, I thought I was flattered, but also some not so exciting to adapt the occasion, the feeling is still dreaming, and said to himself hesitated.
“Who is going to your house ah!” Liang isolated city came in, followed by a dozen people, and everyone took a table or stool, entered mighty move.
“It is this …… this is where to grab ah?” I said.
“What Where grab ah, which is borrowed from the side that cram in, and managed to borrow it.” Qi?. I am a bit puzzled, Qi and Liang isolate them before do not seem like a very substandard? How Qi so positive for her. Did not understand, Liang isolated city, said:
“Qi sister, all right?” Liang Qi smiled and said isolated city. I also took a hit, this is how the matter?
“Well, okay it.” Qi said.
Jing said: “Look out yet, you can pack after we learned our gang school, the beam isolated city also inserted down the door came in!” I really shocked, overjoyed.
“Alas, my little girl would go so two days you’re ganging up on the outside to give me a man ah!” I ran over pulling Qi ears.
“careful Liang isolate them beat you ah!” Jing said. I quickly withdrew his hand, panic-like.
“not afraid of him, there is me.” Liu Hao arm resting on the shoulders of the beam isolated city.
“I see you’re both a muzzle to vent their spleen.” I said, Qi also agree nodded, and I have taken advantage of his arm resting on the shoulders of Qi, said, “Well, see who fight over who.”
there are arranged the tables and chairs, four tables put together in the middle, surrounded by a circle of twenty stool super sat together like a nursery when listening to the teacher telling stories. Liu Hao sitting on my right hand, sit at my left.
I asked quiet whisper, “how Adams who did not come? …… how you like it?” quiet paused, “If we are together, you lose your temper?”
“I match with you ah, how matchmaker jealous ah?” I said
“Until then things happen?” Jing said.
“is gone, you let it.” I said, with a sigh, then smiled.
“In fact, you did not hear me properly explain, and went away again after this …… Well you really do not mind the two of us together?”
“I say quiet, you have asked me this question more than one hundred and eighty times, if I were your mother I’ll just put both of your cards to do, the province is also anxious to marry you every day, saving his aging mother … … “I look back at a Liu Hao, and saw he was not looking at me, this I do not boldly embody ladies side,” but also saving his aging mother’s food of it! ”
I just finished, static bounce stood up and ran out, I froze in place, remember what you just said so, and out of what is wrong with you?

“51″ Chapter 48 mystery party 3

moment, static holding the hand of Sri Lanka who came. Sri Lanka who had been waiting at the door. Sri Lanka where he saw me, he saw me and Liu Hao, he took quiet hands. I feel a little embarrassed at this moment, I do not know what to say.
“Happy Birthday!” Adams Fan said.
“Thank you!” I smiled.
Adams who sat quiet side.
my head lying on the table looked around and found a man thinking glum look. Our gang of four years, had only one solo, but now only a man she placing an order, for I will do my unhappy. How to give my heart together with Sisi with an actor to do.
still go ahead, say

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Carrying my shoulder bag, all the way hurricane, like a month before, riding a bicycle tread all familiar place, and then across the grass, through the wall, through an unknown desert, through Naraku can shop through Pakistan ten Korea’s cafe, the four of us through the many, many places have traveled together, ears always think of your voice, I think of Qi loud, quiet demure think, think, think Sisi cute, will think of Liu Hao, think of my dear parents, all this would almost here.
parked at the gates. Standing downstairs, do not know what kind of prologue to the house. Dad will be furious beat my meal? No, he never beat me, even scolded not willing …… it will not …… no time to think. One thing is certain, they will not worry too much about my life and death issue, I take the time to leave a strip on the table, to the city after a day basically returning to the letter, then they should receive about three days I Letter know my Peace. I just did not write the return address only. Refused to think of anything else, go upstairs!
me three steps on three steps, why my home on the sixth floor too! Really want to fly directly up!
knock on the door,
“Dad! Mom! I come back!”
“Dad! Mom! Mom? Dad!!”
“Mom and Dad open it!”
I Lianhan a long time, the estimate is that no one at home. I think this will be very magnificent scene of reunion it, even if they called me, and I hope to see them soon, but …… Well, I opened the door, estimated that they are not at home, then I can go home and wait for them a surprise, do two dishes, they certainly do not know what I cook!
back home, but saw two large bags. That is our home when it is used for travel. I now see that bags will have a feeling of horror, every time I see these things are not a good thing. They must be going to find me, or find me before I came back. Well, I really do not know any better.
“Haha, I’m Zheng Xiaoxiao back again!” first look back to my room! Haha, I’m still here in Big Bear, Big Bear wearing a skirt, fast to catch me high, also lying on the pillow. However, puppies do? Puppy how gone it? Could also go out and find me a way? Oh, it is estimated Mom and Dad took out a slip. Open my wardrobe, plunge …… ah ha ha ha ha ha, how I have so many nice clothes Yeah, these are my favorite two-piece three-piece, ha ha ha, you like this kind of complicated, Finally with a lot of twists, ha ha ha. Bear lying in bed holding my own giggle for a long time. Haha.
two dishes apology or do it, bounce light green restaurant came to my house, really warm ah! Or better design our home, restaurant should use light green, multi appetite ah -
a piece of paper on the table: “divorce agreement.”
the words too harsh, I am a bit of pressure of cross God. I picked up this piece of paper, I was not Laoyanhunhua? Rubbed his eyes – or the words; Am I dreaming? Qiaqia own flesh – or the words. Turn the last page of the inscription: the mother’s name.
mom and dad to divorce.
this is impossible, right? Mom and Dad never quarrel, not noisy at least the past few years, I remember when I was little they quarrel. In recent years courteous, how could it? It was my fault, it must be my fault.
I took the divorce agreement back to my bedroom, back to bed, hugging big teddy bear, I asked her, “Do you know how yet?” She does not speak. “It was my fault?” She did not speak. “What curse? Do not lift it? Have anything to come more ferocious doom?” She did not speak.
“how do you not speak.” I cried.

“45″ Chapter 42 irreparable

An hour later, my parents back together. They have not noticed me in the house.
“You give me every hour tomorrow to make a phone call to tell me the situation, the phone charged up electricity.” my mom
“Well.” My dad should be.
“you again thanks to you who the police station to find, keep looking, can not be broken. outside so dangerous, this girl ……” My mother seemed to cry.
“I’m back.” I carried my big teddy bear to come out from my bedroom.
Mom and Dad are shocked. Two people looked at me and do not speak.
interval of five seconds, rushing with two people holding me started to cry, and then look at my face, neck and arms are not injured, up and down the inspection, two people rushes to ask me what happened there These days, gone, two people with anger and joy, I’ll hold me while cursing, while asking a lot of questions while they do not speak in silence. I put a few days after Yiwuyishi spoke again. Of course, to the hotel upstairs section of the interview did not say that, I’m just saying I interviewed before being admitted to the piano, and then encountered a strong micro, and then talked about being hurt strong micro thing, did not say strong micro diary.
They swore at me a long time, a very high-pitched voice, in fact, I grew up mostly rarely scolded them. This time two people are angry it. I have been carrying a large teddy bear nodded, middle scolded by them also lost a tear or two. So fierce ah.
“Mom and Dad as Hello, do you know how dangerous society!” I nodded, then shook his head.
during almost three hours of ideological education later, they finally remembered to cook. I posted back chest hungry for. Looking down at a big teddy bear, I was pinching also posted back chest of.
was secretly glad that a catastrophe even if the end of the bar. That is not no father and mother divorced?
food side table, I clip a bowl full to the brim of the meat, the equivalent of three meals Kaihun my usual amount. Two of them do not eat, that is looking at me to eat.
“you guys doing it, do not eat it?”
“We both finished, watch what you eat incense.”
“where both of you eat it? easy life, I lost two of you also lower at restaurants, and really interested!” My Pie Zhaozui said.
the two of them do not speak like a child made a mistake. Do not look at me, do not speak. I carefully look at her mother, tears fall out.
“how the?” I asked.
two people still do not speak.
“is to divorce you?” While I bite the side said. Seems to be very care.
“how do you know?” his father said.
“Today we do not say this to, eat a la carte.”
“I have had enough for today want to hear this.”
“said Speak up sooner or later have to know.” my dad said.
“Your mother and I have transferred to other places to work, I was transferred to the province, your mother transferred to Guangzhou, and this was transferred to work for your mother and I are very important, struggled for so many years. And two people every tune. “Here my dad say finished.
“Is that all? then you can be a person with another person walked? Or Neither walked?”
“Xiaoxiao, you graduate soon, horse rising junior high school and I have to help you with your father find a good provincial experimental schools. was live at Mom and Dad would take turns to see you, in fact, you do not What impact. ”
“I have not found, and you decided to divorce. If I did not come back, ye are gone, do not look for it?” I cried she spoke.
“how could it, Xiaoxiao, the provincial Public Security Bureau, your dad find people looking for you everywhere, this morning called to say you may be in a city, your dad are, please leave a good look for you, bought a ticket . ”
“That divorce divorce do you say, so many years of affection!” I cried and cried.
my dad to see my mother, motioned my mom. “I told your dad been a long time did not say anything except you the topic, we think there might be better off apart. Was going to wait for you to go to college again, but just transferred to the instructions down, the opportunity for both of us is very important. ”
“I do not listen!” I covered her ears. Then ran back bedroom, locked the door, lying on the bed. Write the big teddy bear on the ground.
“you get what my dog ​​went!” I shout in the house.
“give your aunt. later nobody fed.” my mother said.
I picked up a large Baby Bear, Baby Bear for large, said: “Never mind, raging, I would like you.”
tears wet the head of the Bear, “you say, why is this semester so tough it?”
big teddy bear is still not talking.
opened his eyes, had a little midnight. May be too tired these days, I actually fell asleep crying. Seems to have cried enough. I sat up and thought, the brain was a blank.
fact, nothing is. Since they do not love each other, why should reluctantly together, it just to me a people.
Since it was not love, only for me but was not happy with reluctance, I had no better. I seem to be easy to forgive. I do not know why, wake up, think that all things are not what can not be accepted. In the world, and nothing can not be changed. That’s it, all the things there are always meaning of its existence. Accept the like.
I opened the door and saw my mom and dad sitting in the living room, face to face. I still do not see them like a husband and wife to divorce, do not quarrel, mutual understanding, respect for one another. If Life With such understanding, why is there still separated. But they are not sad, not tangled. I was not too selfish.
“Dad, Mom you sleep with me today.” Mom and Dad came out to see me, touch my head. Two people together, and I went to my room, I can only put a spacious three-bed us, big teddy bear sleeping on the ground.
I was lying in the middle of two people, like a very, very small, I always ran into Mom and Dad’s room at night and then squeezed in the middle. They were not allowed to talk to me two separated, to have been watching me. I was so grown up. After they grow up, but also so separated. Since there is no chance to sleep with this bed. Since there is no one likes to touch my head, a little Xiong Baba said, and quickly to sleep. I think Liu Hao up. However, a return that is mom and dad divorced, I think, where the school is not necessarily better.
Well, let the storm to the more violent, you know. I’m strong enough, strong enough for me.
tears fall, already dawn.

“46″ forty-third chapter a romantic reunion

back bags, riding my bike along the years must pass through every which way, traffic lights, intersections, street food …… the school gate.
school gate, but also the school gate. Before we gang is always here to set up a time and then together into the classroom, or to early one up, and then go to other classes cruise cruise to return to class, or a morning discussion yesterday evening rushes drama or Pro The recent trend class guy.
all so familiar, yet so strange.
shy standing in the doorway to see who will come.
met a lot of students, surprised and said: “Ah, Xiaoxiao come back! You’re not dead yet!!”
“ah?!” My eyes will fall out, he did not put himself scared, which I die ah!
“Yeah, Xiaoxiao come back! sugar daddy go do not you?” Oh, the next class cheap cheap says. Mouth still so cheap, well-deserved reputation.
“Yeah, Xiaoxiao come back! not you transfer it?” said the second of six classes.
saw three children came, I said to him, “Yeah, Xiaoxiao come back! me for you to say.”
“if it is true?” he said, froze to see me.
seems I ran away from home during this period it has also become important news events in the year group of it. Heartbeat powerful, like falling out from his mouth. I know, I saw three children, subconsciously thought of Liu Hao. I want him, I want him to know I love her, I have never, and he said, I love him. At this moment, suddenly particularly want to see him, no one wanted to see, just to see him, just to see him.
I stood in front of three children, “I want to go to Liu Hao.” turned and ran upstairs, three in there like a silly child did not react. I do not know what they saw classmates usually so quiet I went to their classes will be how to find a guy to say, but I gave up, I want to see Liu Hao. I do not know I saw Liu Hao will not suddenly get too excited speechless fainted, as he kissed me, like that awkward, but I did not care, I want to see Liu Hao!
finally went to the door of their classes, quickly went to the door, I was given a moment at the door, adjust the breath, do not want to make themselves look ugly or stupid. Adjusted for a few seconds, breathing how tone are uneven tone, but the more stressed the more chaotic, in their own thought, to come to a gentle class, the Liu Hao called out to like a lady, have to walk a very elegant inside. I take a deep breath, take a deep breath again …… Liu Hao slowly walked over to my side ……
ah! Daylights scared me! Did not react, but he can not tell who called, I was nervous too I can fool! He obviously saw me standing in the doorway, looked at me, his eyes seemed to light a little, but did not stop to stop to go into the house. Finished, Liu Hao must have an affair. Just do not mess heart suddenly jump jump, stiff in there, three children and finally catch up, went to see Liu Hao.
three children shouting: “Hao brother, sister-in-law come you do not speak ye!”
Liu Hao suddenly turned around and ran out of the three children said, “You saw it too?”
I still stiff stiff stand here too long not seen him shoot up and down around the nerve endings are former tip necrosis.
“see what it? Well you do not find every day, which saw ye do not speak it!” three children said.
Liu Hao suddenly hands grabbed me, shook me, “Xiaoxiao ah!”
I shook my head and nodded, still unable to speak words. I saw him, how does such a cry, but tears could not find it. All froze.
him one put me in his arms, holding my breath, but to be angry. “Damn b, fuck it I thought I was dreaming!” Three children heard also next Mamalielie laugh, and then went into the house propaganda.
Liu Hao hold me, I feel revived, and has experienced so much, suffered so much hurt, she felt soon never frozen ice of the time, I was clinging to him, my the world is back, Liu Hao is my world. I’ll never go, never to go.
He grabbed my shoulder and asked me, “Xiaoxiao, you scared me, if I find you I will find my life. I am his mother turned over the earth I have to put what you found it …… you do not want told me? “He laughed into a willow eyes, looked at me and said, dishonest way.
I nodded.
he said: “to tell me what to say, go ahead!”
I said: “Do not say after swearing, strange indelicate.”
He laughed and said: “Oh, that sealed my mouth.”, warm hands hold my face, his eyes slowly close, he kissed me! His hands pulled my chin I not break open – God, this morning to go to school early in the morning peak period, but the teaching of the corridor ah! OMG, do not faint, do not faint. However, such a good happiness, well, look at it and see. Anyway, I intend to tell you Zhengxiao Xiao Liu Hao lifetime.

“47″ forty-fourth chapter romantic reunion 2

seemed to freeze this moment, but I think there are a lot of eyes around ……
“Hao brother, called his buddy, let’s go?” Liang isolate them from the corridor that one came up behind a dozen people, he was walking threw the way, I broke from Liu Hao kiss, I am sorry. Liang isolated city did not seem to see who I am.
three children moved from a stool to sit the entrance class as a storyteller, like, ever since we met he had been laughing.
“today, do not go!” three children said with a smile, laugh look Hengrou.
beam severely isolated city took over the head of three children said, “go quickly, like his mother rebel Yeah. teacher while his mother came and ink.” Liang isolated city said.
Liu Hao hug I stood in front of the window to see if they speak, I squint Liu Hao laughing eyes have gone, but also endured not laugh, bowed his head and quietly said to me: “You look at, ah, tease ”
“Xiaoxiao back, do not look up!” three children said. Face wronged gentile.
shine once again crushed his head and snapped.
“ink one you talk to me? hurry to go!” Liang isolated city said.
“suck, you see, there stood it!” three children pointing wronged us. Liu Hao laughed out loud.
lovemaking, not only gave his head a few erupted, Liang isolated city pulled three children go out into the collar of the stairs to go, “your kid grows thicker skin is not it!”
“beam isolated city, I really come back!” Liang isolated city is pulling three children go downstairs, heard the head of the stairs, I said.
come back to him, then counter with Liu Hao

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This is absolutely not true
this is not true
this is not true
this is not true
5 月 28 日
murder. Police are investigating. I told the police, the mother lovers. They asked who I was, I said, each time different. I say these words, I feel deep shame. Home often have the police, the mother of that room was closed, I do not want to go in easily.
I did not see my mother one last time.
brain disorder.
chest seemed to have thorns, hurt, cry, fear.
5 月 29 日
could not speak, could not eat, could not sleep.
do not know what to think.
elegant poetry Poetry came to me, do not open the door.
Fang said that has identified ten lover, is the investigation of. Is likely to be robbed, one lover’s account in the month before his mother was killed suddenly more than $ 2 million. Also found at the crime scene this person’s fingerprint, but this one is the mother’s lover three years ago, I do not know the past few years have no dealings.
quite high efficiency of the police, it is not because I gave one hundred thousand non-reward, I said, who should find the most important clue, I 100,000 reward. I gave the cop got fifty thousand, I would like evidence.
5 月 30 日
still could not speak, could not eat, could not sleep
no way thinking, the brain a blank
Shi Ya Fu and still come to me, still did not open the door.
the policeman hit by her mother to find a pendant, above that person’s fingerprints. That person has been arrested. He actually did not run, said three years have not seen my mom. Brave enough. He is a quasi-material multi-think my mother lover he do?
finally able to cry out.
cried continuously for five hours, and my heart still hurts.
5 月 31 日
This is because the heart is too painful, you want to see the previous video, look at my mom look. Suddenly remembered I had a monitor! I actually can forget such an important thing! I really want to kill myself! ! !
But I’d rather I did not see that scene – my mom killed my dad.
my mother every day, eat anti-neurasthenia medicine, this is her doing it, and my dad after divorce is even more serious. Watching videos, that after I left the next day, nanny home.
My dad actually into our home, and he did have the keys to our house! My mother changed lock! But also requires a lot of keys to finally come. Before he entered the house with a plastic bag put on shoes, put on plastic gloves. My mother walked into the room, picked up my mother’s bedside neurasthenia drug is a pill bottle, which the drugs are in bulk, because this brand of medicine is very expensive, pack, only five. My dad took out a paper bag, which has a shape and kits in exactly the same medicine tablets into them, and then put back in place kit. Then throw in the bed pendants. Then sneaking away.
how can he have the keys to our house? How he knew my mother eat this brand of medicine? The shape of the drug? God …… God …… help me …… I live. I do not know, I do not want to know!
6 月 28 日
can write it. Death can not die, exactly what you want. Police said, you can let out my dad see my side, and I said no. I do not want to see him again.
but he still came, the police waiting at the door.
he cried, as before, the same with my mom cry cry.
I let him go, he said he wanted to see me one last time. I say that you saw me, I was the last time, and you are not afraid of me cutting veins do?
he said, did not want me hate him forever. He said that in fact my mother first had an affair, and my mother still in front of the little white face side is he can not hack. He loved my mother, is heartbroken woman was always put to the house band. Later, my mother divorced him nothing to him, the family business was laid together, derailment is my mom, first-out, and why he was so cruel. So then he would often follow my mother, investigate my mom and my mother later found better than those little white face, give them money to ask my mother’s situation. Finally, I would put the blame to the first one to seduce my mother bitch.
I asked him, have you ever thought, my mother died, how do I do.
he did not speak.
“you roll!” began after I finish this sentence hysterical scream, the doctor came in to suppress me, give me sedated, I dimly saw my dad being taken away by the police came
the policeman asked me, another fifty thousand reward that you give me, I have to confess your dad recorded the tape then took out from my pillow a voice recorder. Smiles.
my coma ……
wake up already now, Ya Fu still lying in my bed.
I do not want to die. Dead still want to see both of them.
if they died.
I intend to live forever, so then you will never meet!

“41″ Chapter 38 unforgettable

I’m a little afraid to look down, strong micro-life experience makes me feel a little scared. Would not go cold on the body of stagnation. After reading these, I just feel suffocated chest, plus the train loud voice, so I lack a sense of security in this world, I do not know is how strong micro come over. Her previous name was Rose, and later her Soji are removed, wish I could be strong.
strong micro, leaving the last one diary, do not know whether to turn to, hesitation, or open it, I’m afraid to go back after the thing is more sad, but did not dare look ……
opened directly from the beginning of October, in the middle part of the undocumented. Happiness overflowing out:
10 月 15 日
in Beijing’s subway below, the three of us like a beggar. The original beggar was so happy. Zaozhidaojiu reborn as a beggar, when what the rich …… do not say that.
Shi Ya do not know how, I ran out and Poetry with a long, elegant poetry is not changed again beautiful. Poetry is really unlike her longer, and elegant poetry is more beautiful, more like a little ruffian Poetry gentile it.
Li would not worry about Poetry, which I do not know.
Poetry in Beijing and I rented a very clean house, he likes to light gray, light blue love poem Ya, I put the room to find the best decoration company arranged the colors, beautiful.
following day we sat subway, put an eight hundred bought jade bowl, like begging the same. Damn funny, ha. That there is a also a guy singing in the subway beneath said, Oh, you bought the last time I saw this bowl with more than a thousand bowls really like. You can really be picked
Poetry says, picking up. I could not help but laugh at the side. Results that young man said, “Where picking up, and there do?” My smile sitting on the ground directly mountains.
Poetry frowning whenever I go to cook, I said, “Brother, Where picking up, there do?” Poetry and picked up a pillow on a roomful kill me.
10 月 16 日
I bought a luxurious folding bed, directly on the subway below. Gracefully eight hundred of jade bowl, Poetry sing and play guitar, and I fell on the bed with a high dv shoot him playing the guitar look.
have a child, “said the beggar can be really happy, I have to beg for food!” is next to the mother to hit a bottom, and said, “That’s not a beggar, that movie too!”
Poetry evening arguing that they want me to cook, I said, “That is not a beggar, it is making movies.” Poetry and picked up a pillow catch me, I was about to run was that he embraced, warm arms, warm body, eternal happiness.
10 月 17 日
tonight in the subway, the Poetry to buy cigarettes, and I myself sitting subway below, came a man, a look that is mixed. I looked at the bowl and said, “you sell it? Much money?”
“do not sell.”
“did not ask you bowl, ask How about you, how much money a night.”
“You even I bowl you can not afford, you want to buy me, ah, put your mother sold you can not afford!” I said.
“Ah mouth pretty badly.” he said and started for me to explore. I waved want to beat him. The result was that he pulled his hand.
Poetry came back just saw it, and the man hit the heap. Later, the man called a few people. Finally, I badly bruised Poetry leaning back. Or am I called the police.
Poetry said, to find more friends, or, in Beijing had not practical.

“42″ Chapter 39 temptation of drugs

11 月 15 日
Beijing winter cold more than Zhejiang. Neither of us love to go out during the day, heating burning hot, in the house long enough to wear a thin pajamas and I are in bed Poetry, a one’s watching movies, then all look tired, who sent a set called “Gourd Doll”, a set of “Doraemon”, a set of “Tom and Jerry.”
Poetry and said he would accompany me to fill a child I did not read all of the cartoons. One day he wanted to be in the discussion bird gourd, I said I wanted to be the minimum that will be invisible, he said he wanted the old man. I’ll go with him.
blend body, life also to him.
identified this man.
11 月 25 日
Poetry go to bars to accompany the evening performances. His friends are good band, performing to our house after the party, drink a few bottles of beer, win brother said he had a good thing.
out a package of paper inside the package with some white powder. He asked us not to come a little, a few buddies are around the past, a few people who took a little suck orgy in the nose. He asked us not to, Poetry to the past, I held him, and said I want that, grabbed his neck to seduce his room, and that several people have said that I would desire too much exhausted Poetry , Well, I just wanted him to face away from the nice point that thing.
it was drugs. Poetry seems to disagree, he pulled me angry.
12 月 10 日
and I had the Cold War Poetry many days. Poetry I say that if you go to the band I’ll break up with you. Poetry, said as long as he does not suck with them just fine. But I always find him, they finished rehearsing every private room upstairs in the bar suck for a while, he could not resist the temptation of Poetry, he thought back to his world is not a rare thing.
Poetry and those who say that I am not the same girl Zhuangnen original almost.
I hit him a slap in the face. He did not speak nor fight back, and left.
He also said that more and more like your mother you.
12 月 11 日
night I went to the bar to find Poetry, twelve, that they each box, Poetry really suck. But also is high, eyes blurred. I walked over to powder hit the ground.
Poetry gave me a slap in the face, and then in front of many people’s faces child a relationship with me, shame …… Later, he said he came up drug addicts do not know anything, either on me or hit me, he had to choose That it. He said that other people are confused yet, no one us.
12 月 12 日 Poetry
I took ten thousand dollars back, put things away, and said to go to live with friends.
I said nothing.
12 月 15 日
Poetry morning and come and collect the money, I do not want to, he said he put them on paying the money, they take me. I gave him thirty thousand.
12 月 17 日
Poetry did not come back. Bit audio at all. I go to bars to find them secretly at night, the waiter said he was still in that room, that is, that every time they inhale the powder room. I did not go into.
evening packed his things and decided to leave tomorrow. More than 12 points, the door rang, I thought it was Poetry came back, did not think that turned out to be elegant poetry, we find that her through a friend, knowing that we live here, she said she wanted me and her brother up.
I told her everything. Shi Ya cried all night, I feel like going back a few years ago, Shi Ya told me his brother ignored him. But, everything changed.
12 月 19 日
ya go to bars to find poetry Poetry. Poetry was very angry I brought her, so that poetry Ya hurry back. I took Sze Nga back. Shi Ya still crying, she said that my brother has changed.
I feel that I was an evil woman, and why I am the person will become so evil.
think of that day in that room thing, I began to dislike their own.

“43″ fortieth chapter gay nights

?? 1 月 1 日
?? Another year, me and elegant poetry at home. I do a lot to eat, elegant poetry is so pure and lovely, looks more and more like brother. But the charm is still occasionally similar expressions speak, look look. Nature, amazing, so two different people and looks similar to I almost can not tell.
?? until ten at night, Poetry did not come back. Sze Nga said estimated Poetry will not be back with us before. Polly said she would go back tomorrow, his father would worry. I packed up for Shi Ya. Together in the big room watching “gourd.”
?? poem he said, I thought my brother make you happy too. I did not speak. Pretended not to hear.
?? Sze Nga suddenly sat up and kissed me, I think she is not willing to push hard, her body too softened. I think he is Poetry trance, and I kissed her, and little by little we are each other’s clothes off ……
?? Poetry back. See this scene. Hand hit the shoe rack next to the glass, broken glass and bloody. He closed the door to go.
?? Polly me and no one to chase out. Each lie down, a night no one before you speak.
?? 1 月 2 日
?? Sze Nga away.
?? 1 月 5 日
?? teacher called me to Lee, he was mad and called me and asked me to turn the poem Poetry Ya and where to go. He said the two of them did not go home. He said I was goblins. The more he scolded the more angry, and finally hang up the phone.
?? I call him, is a wife, said Li Ya and poetry have been Poetry gas out sick, so I quickly put the two of them sent back. She also said that their family is not crucial.
?? I go to bars to find Poetry, they said the day before New Year’s Poetry denounce band. They said that he said to take me and poetry ya back, then marry me, to live.
?? 2 月 20 日
?? I can not find him in Beijing, you can never find him. I’m going to other cities. I must find him.
?? 3 月 15 日
?? I can not find him in Hangzhou, I must find him.
?? 4 月 22 日
?? I can not find him in Shenyang, I must find him.
?? 6 月 27 日
?? I saw him in a city once, there is no catch. But I know he was in a city. I also took our previous towels, I also took our previous cup.
?? 6 月 28 日
?? met a girl, looked like poetry Ya. I let her live with me, and do not know how kind of poetry Ya, I heard Poetry went to another city, decided to leave tomorrow.
?? This is the last page of the diary. Which said the girl, it should be is me. But I remember me and elegant poetry does not look like ah? Maybe she was just too want them to pieces.
?? After reading the diary, I felt like they lived a lifetime, and even forget who I am. I was Zheng Xiaoxiao do? How a person can be so unhappy? How can I so do not cherish. I just think this is too deep love complicated, stagnation mind, I do not know how to express. Strong micro will go, it should go to Poetry is the bar. He is so dangerous, why go.
?? I even lost no tears, just want to quietly looking out the window. Just as strong micro those days in the hospital, but did not speak, day and night quietly looking out the window. Wounds too deep, they no longer feel pain.
?? If strong micro to me earlier this diary, I will her a little better. This is absolutely not my strong micro imagine that strong micro, I thought she was a natural indifference lonely, silent thought she was born smart.
?? I’m going home, and the train station one stop away from home near.
?? But I was particularly afraid. I do not know what they are afraid of what is flustered, I do not know what it was like back then, my parents are going to react. Quiet now how, Qi, Li also think me, I walked too enough friends. Liu Hao, the day before I was with him on a tree lined word, the next day I was missing. I go back, he will love me, he will be angry with me, is he will not be like other people, just one month only, but I was a bit scared. Scared.

“44″ forty-first chapter back Ze Yu

went to the education Tokorozawa, a month ago my tears, my bike away from here, a month later, I was carrying my car back here.
Yu Ze City days without a city blue, but always exudes earthy fresh taste, and I Zheng Xiaoxiao familiar with the kind of temperatures. Got off the train, I

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A friend.
I did not try that dress, did not open her diary, not I do not like it, I do not want to know, I’m just guessing at the moment, whether they have the capacity to accept this moment the edge of a city at dusk, a strange city because became a strange coexistence tolerance soft gentle. Because a cold woman became hot and humid, but the flowers will bloom in July in the morning, have litter. I firmly believe that there are strong micro diary traces, I will not dare to open her. I just put them carefully packed in the parcel.
Before leaving, I put our things properly arrayed, put my towel and she did not take well to put a towel wash room, things are not packed, nor simply packed up everything as an ordinary evening, I hope that if one day strong micro back here just like at the moment, just like back in time. She will remember me, I believe. I will remember her, but she will certainly not have the believe. Lonely for a long time people would become suspicious, and finally even himself refused to believe.
Originally, this world, I did not seen, it looks real, half dream if Epiphyllum, half awake as poppies.
original, I have to say a word, I thought seriously ineffable all the past, and not strong micro experienced nine cattle cent.
and this seriously injured a woman, it seems as though kin if the copper and iron, a flash, disappeared.

“36,” the thirty-third chapter rich girl child

on the train, buy a sleeper ticket, scenery chaos. I began to want to know the last straw strong micro past.
strong micro, whether she likes a man or a woman? Why are boys dressed as cool look, but the heart and delicate like girls, why just kissed me, and told me that love is cheap men do?
strong micro story, there is no way to make people not want to know.
I opened a stack of strong micro-diary, handsome Juan America handwriting reflected in the eyes. From her diary, I know these things:
strong micro originally the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Zhejiang, by Commodity fortune, there are hundreds of millions of family property, the parents are busy doing business with little time to take care of her, she is an only daughter. In fact, the main house is the mother earned possessions, shrewd mother, and his father was idle all day, and occasionally to the mother play along.
-year-old former strong micro live life like a princess, happy family harmony, everything, although parents are not always at home, but it also optimistic and strong micro-behaved grow up. Until one day old, the mother found his father’s affair, no peace at home on the day of the beginning. Knelt down and begged his father to forgive the mother, the mother of a slap in the face suddenly started crying peek at the next strong micro. This scene, strong micro diary repeatedly mentioned that her heart is always pain. On that occasion, the father’s tearful mother finally forgive her, but things did not end there.
father started grudge, mother at home, his father obedience to the mother, the mother’s absence, his father would often be a different woman back home overnight, strong micro told not to tell her mother. Strong micro stubborn father always brought back a woman when a woman’s clothes will be thrown into the trash, or directly from the windows thrown down, and she used a variety of ways to tease my father brought a woman, angry father would scold her, but also never willing played her.
strong micro hated the inside and outside are getting different father, she did not want her mother involvement also possessor of such a hypocritical man, then eleven-year-old strong micro things to tell his mother. Mother unbearable, determined to divorce his father, and the father will say a division of the property. This time, no matter how his father did not get the mother’s mercy forgiveness. Fury father finally hit strong micro, the mother is not the time to fight the strong micro black and blue. The man was finally expelled from the house. Since then, the mother often encounter strange things, such as important documents stolen, robbed home late at night, the mother gradually got neurasthenia, also started on the strong micro distrust, because the emotional trauma of being too heavy, the mother put more experiences are on the job, we often see strong micro respect dissolved in tears, she said strong micro and father so much alike, she saw strong micro will remember him. Later, his mother often with different men home. Strong micro no opinion on the mother began it. And never go home with a man strong micro dodge, but sometimes so strong micro feel like a mother deliberately let her see, like in retaliation for his father, mimicking the way that time is equivalent to the prevailing excessive degree. Later, the mother is not home often, sometimes a few days, sometimes for a week, sometimes a month. Strong micro never short of money to spend. Mother always strong micro say that you are my last underscore the strong micro, you’re looking for a good man, not looking like your dad like that. Mother never restrict strong micro money, but never gave her the care she wanted. Two heartbroken women together, and did not get any relief.

“37″ Chapter 34 Ascott Ya Fu

34 Ascott Ya Fu
strong micro mother as their last hope for strong micro become strict discipline, she hired a lot of well-known university professors to high gifts to cultivate strong micro, she became slightly stronger while noble scholarship girl and tell Qiang Wei, her eighteen-year-old will read all this before reading the book, eighteen-year-old and his mother will begin to take care of family business.
strong micro do not go to school every day, along with senior teacher learning at home homework, fifteen years old, she had builded for all high school courses, and can memorize a lot of the Classical biography, temperament is also very proficient.
but strong micro is not happy, she does not know what is happiness, burdened with her mother’s hatred grew up a little, and her life is stressful and demanding, and not like other women, like living a rich kid growing up on the hustle and bustle sink, she silent, lonely, intelligent but stubborn. Mother told strong micro, later to marry a man with scholarship, even if he does not take care of the family business does not matter, do not marry the father like that.
father and mother actually experienced the hardships of entrepreneurship with the day, two people have no culture, just by virtue of the industrious hands and minds of business fortunes. But at last toward the pinnacle of success after the split, the mother summed up this lack of cultural, business for a long time do not remember the virtue and morality. So she is stronger micro familiar classical, slightly stronger after looking for a scholarship person.
these, all recorded in the first two diary inside, lots of pages of paper has folds, like tears soaked. I did not expect to have such a strong experience of micro-rough. This strong micro understand why Stern will be so wonderful piano playing of ancient poetry by heart, and understand before parting letter she said, do not know how to cherish. Her life, is there no one who let her understand, cherish and be cherished taste.
open next diary, she seemed happy a lot. There are two frequent name: Lee Poetry, Chi Ya.
which also tucked some small piece of paper. Diary does not indicate the date, just marked 1,2,3 ……
3 月 1 日
came today, Li and I brought two people the same age, actually looks exactly the same. ‘s Fantastic! I have never seen such a fun person child, changed clothes, I will not tell which is which of the two of them. They both called Josephine poem, a man named Li Ya-Fu, Li children really ah, the names are so elegant. Name was also good to hear. Originally they are twins.
Li said that the two children are too naughty, he did not bring peace to one. Lee classical teacher told me, when they both really naughty enough, and went upstairs to the attic while Tiaopi Jin, one would go downstairs into the garden birdie, then Josephine poetry still holding the road The Wildcats came back and took our family nanny gas face purple, and did not dare to offend Li had followed them both back up the mess.
after class teacher Li said after longer with them, they too can really trouble. But I was very envious of them, and I really want to have a brother or sister, to join me in this ruckus, I hope I do not have so much back everyday poetry, learning so many complex theoretical and difficult truth, I only imagine them the same. Teacher Lee and I said, I very much hope that every time they come, I am a person too lonely. Later, Li agreed, and I am very happy.
dinner mom left Li and Fu Ya Ascott dinner, my mother a month for the first time to go home. She also let Li Ya Ascott after more endowed with an up and said I was too eccentric a character. I did not speak.
Ascott Fu Ya never talk to me. I could hear the two of them whispered what I say, just hear.

“38″ Chapter 35 mounted monitor

3 月 15 日
Josephine Fu first time to talk to me, which he came to our house and Ascott eighth, but it was his first time to talk to me. He asked me look like mom or dad, I said, do not know. He did not say anything to me again.
Nobody told me this question, I also can not remember my father’s face. Too long, he left us for three years, he never appeared. I hate him.
mother came back last night with a man, the two of them walking in the hall began to undress, the man I saw Yin Jian laugh. If I had a knife, I’ll cut his lifeblood. My mother no longer than the previous mother, she reminds me of the ancient brothel. And I hated my father is no different. They have forgotten me.
does not exist in this world what love is, see description of ancient poetry of love, but also some scam love it, do not know why I should recite these false things. Maybe something can produce false beauty.
Ascott very nice, always smiley face, always like a real princess, Ya Fu is very loved him, and everything to the Ascott. If you can, I would rather have a brother, and never want to love.
3 月 18 日
Ya Fu today comes with a guitar, and they sing in the downstairs garden, Ascott’s sweet voice. Fu Ya handsome to play the guitar when I was very nervous watching him, though he could not see me, but I still felt very nervous. Class, I always want to see ya Fu and Ascott. They are in my life recently living thing.
recent class does not always concentrate, can not remember what the teacher said. Li somewhat angry.
3 月 25 日
Li morning and leave, telling him not to come today, today I had a fever. Mother on the phone has been blocked. In fact, I did not call my mother, because she did not hear the hit, this time, she was busy.
I did not have a fever. But I like to listen to Ascott Ya Fu sing, but my class when they do not see. I like to see them singing and see them laugh, when I see them together will feel warm. This is what I rarely feel. I do not know what way to save this feeling.
But yesterday I think. Today to find a company secrets in all rooms fitted with a monitor. All angles are in to, including garden attic there are the rooms.
then on, any time I can see ya endowed it. There is no danger, no harm.
4 月 15 日
Every night I see Ya Ya Fu poems and time together. I own a big house in which they learn to speak, sitting where they did, with a piano and Fu Ya Ya poetry sung.
I feel that they have is their friend. Although, the fact is not so.
4 月 19 日
Today, she came back. She is now home to the interval getting longer, I do not know her all night these days where ever. Nor how to control me, a long time will not call back, just in my account to play enough money, I never had maxed out my card, if it was not the end.
order to attract her attention, yesterday I bought a one ten thousand watches.
she finally phoned back and said she found I bought a ten thousand watches. I thought she would be furious or seal my card. She said that as long as you are happy on the line. She thought she loved me.
she thought I thought she loved me.

“39″ love the taste of Chapter 36

4 月 28 日
Ascott today and Ya Fu fight, ran to my house to ask me, can you spend the night at my house. I give Li a telephone call, saying that today I would like to play with and Ascott, the teacher agreed Ascott lived here.
Sometimes I can not tell ya ya poems and poetry. Although they wear the same style clothes of different colors. Ascott one coming on and I complain a lot Ya Fu is not good. Fu Ya what is usually said to tell her, but recently Ya Fu always keep their doors locked Ascott in. And Ya Fu recently always preoccupied, Ascott let ya assigned to help buy a strap Bear gave him forget, also lost money. It was six months Ascott save money is to buy the mall wearing a halter top that bears.
for that bear wearing a halter top, Ascott cried all night.
Ascott has been saying, I’m listening.
I occasionally say, “Do not cry.”
Later Ascott mysterious ask me, there is no love. I said no, he said it was impossible. She said that when I see ya endowed and usually do not like to laugh. Usually never laugh.
I said I do not know how. Ascott and mysterious smile.
though crying is very powerful, but one would Ascott asleep. I have been thinking about her. Yes, I see ya fu would be very nervous, perhaps nervous will laugh?
Maybe I like Poetry? Do not joke in the world love this kind of thing does not exist.
4 月 30 日
Poetry taught me to play the guitar, I play the piano Poetry, his fingers really slim, just not a quiet moment. Shi Ya always on the side laughing. I repeatedly see this section of the video, I hope we are triplets, can not imagine back in time calm day.
5 月 4 日
sad. Slightly.
5 月 8 日
Poetry ignore me a few days ago, I do not know what is wrong. Polly told me today, the original poem ya doing an experiment, she said, as long as he ignored me when I feel what I feel, I knew I was not like the Poetry.
poem he said, and poetry Poetry is always asking me what ya say, poetry he said, she was sure my brother like me.
Perhaps love is there, just not very easy to find it.
I’d be lucky to find it?
5 月 20 日
Poetry and Poetry Ya gonna grandmother at home, I can not imagine a day without them. Bear to buy a strap Polly, she hugged me, asking me to do her sister. I am very happy. Poetry said, no, I will not chase after her.
I feel my heart slowly to the door that opens.
really hope ya Poetry and poets together forever
5 月 21 日
convince my mother to let me go with her poetry Poetry Ya’s grandmother at home, in the countryside, I’ve never been to. I used a variety of reasons to convince her and within three days to ensure completion of a statistic.
what price I’m willing. And, in fact, she does not check the
5 月 22 日
countryside is really beautiful, red brick and green tiles, the village has a stream, we live in a creek next to it. Poems and Poetry Ya lit bonfires at night for me, all night ghost story, I was scared to cry shame.
I’ve never heard such a vivid ghost stories, much better than the Ghost. Poetry has always behind me to scare me, is an outrage. Shi Ya Later asleep and I Poetry with the stars, and later Poetry suddenly hugged me to kiss me, and I gave him a slap back.
He said, I just love you so. Then we kissed.
He said that strong micro, You’re a cold woman, the world could not find the second. But I love you.
5 月 28 日
these days we play like a man, like poetry and Poetry Ya taught me fishing, although I am stupid, but still hanging to a very small fish, and finally I put it released, or freedom a little better.
I told them JiangTaiGong fishing stories, they hear very Qijin Er.
Sze Nga envy that you’re smart sister
poetry Poetry shot ya head, and said, Call sister-in-law, and what my sister ah. Shi Ya laugh a stomach ache. I did not speak on the side.
taste of happiness, never felt before.
like so many years past, are vain.
original is the way love can give life taste. The taste is born.

“40″ unforgettable Chapter 37

5 月 27 日
Lee teacher asked me to immediately go back to see my mother one last time. Thunderstruck.
this is not true
This is not

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